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SAAB 9-3


SAAB 9-3 Suspension/Wheels (2003+)


  •  Please confirm anti-roll bar diameter before ordering any anti-roll bar bushings

  • PFF66-503-XX replaces one-piece design

  • PFF80-1203-XX replaces two-piece design

  • Vehicles up to 2005 use PFF66-521 rear lower engine mount insert (rectangular sleeve), vehicles manufactured after 2005 use PFF80-1221 (round sleeve)

  • For diesel models use engine mount insert part numbers, PFF80-1220R & PFF66-521R or PFF80-1221R. Using Performance or Race options may result in unwanted vibration.

  • PFF80-1220 Front lower engine mount insert fits cars with a bracket 86mm wide, for cars with a 79mm wide bracket use PFF80-1221

  • PFR80-1211 Fits arms using a spherical type bush 47mm in diameter, for arms with a 38mm rubber bush use PFR80-1217

  • PFF80-1230, PFF80-1231, PFR80-1235 & PFR80-1236 fit 2WD Sedan and Wagon models only, not 4WD or convertible models

Powerflex Saab 9-3 03-14 Diagram.jpg

When designing our systems we strive to provide a high performance product with a factory fit. A high performance exhaust it is a fine balance of quality craftsmanship, fitment, and free flowing design. Our systems are available with our without a race catalyst and include all necessary mounting hardware and utilize the factory mounting points for an easy installation. We've engineered a free flowing design creating a unique exhaust note while still canceling out unwanted rasp and cabin drone. This exhaust will turn your car into an aggressive beast without upsetting the neighbors. By manufacturing domestically (that’s right we make all of our systems in the USA) we are able closely monitor and require that only the finest raw materials are used. We dictate a very stringent quality control process enabling us to provide a lifetime warranty on all our exhaust products.

Krona Performance exhaust systems are modular, which means that you can pick and choose which components fit your needs and your budget. You can install a full system now or build one over time. The modular system also allows for quick and easy replacements and upgrades. No matter what you choose—a downpipe, a cat back, or a full turbo back— the proper adapter pieces are included to make these components compatible to mate with both the factory and Krona system. The Krona turbo-back system weighs in at only 55lbs, which is 25lbs lighter than the stock system!

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