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Terms & Conditions


Krona Performance’s products are designed for off road vehicles only, and are neither legal nor intended for vehicles to be driven on the street or any public road.

Federal and state laws prohibit removing, modifying, or rendering inoperable any device or element of design of the pollution control device or products on any motor vehicle used on public highways, and on any 1978 and newer vehicle used only off-highway. Violation may result in imposition of monetary fines or other penalties. Any and all damage that may occur to the customer’s vehicle or to others will not be the responsibility of Krona Performance in any way. Krona Performance is not responsible for the working order of, repairs done to, or modifications made to any vehicle at any time regardless of who performs the modifications.

In purchasing a Krona Performance part, you are purchasing items intended to increase the horsepower, efficiency, and characteristics of the automobile in which it is ultimately installed, and it is possible that the operator of said vehicle can operate it in a manner that is beyond the intended use and design specifications of the vehicle by the automobile manufacturer. The purchaser, final consumer, and anyone occupying and/or operating the vehicle in which a Krona Performance part is installed agrees and understands that operating such a vehicle is considered an ultra-hazardous activity, and can result in injury and/or death. The purchaser, final consumer, occupant, operator of such vehicle assumes all responsibility for the installation into and operation of the vehicle in which a Krona Performance part is installed and used. Krona Performance does not condone, promote, or support street racing, or any racing other than that done under controlled conditions, with proper safety equipment and emergency personnel available for the participants.


Terms & Conditions Statement

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