Video, Pictures and Customer Feedback

Krona...Uncompromised quality, flawless in its execution, delivering a note that will quickly seperate you from the children. 


-JEidsvik, SW Washington

"What sold me on the test drive was the deep, sophisticated sound of the Krona exhaust.  Not a ricey 4-banger scream, but a proper deeper sound characteristic of more expensive European luxury/sports sedans and wagons."

-gregk, Florida      

"The tone is that of Hades letting out a deep hum."


"Tons of compliments on my exhaust note. It is a noticeable gain in performance as well."  


"9-5 exhaust is the best on the market.  Great customer service which surpasses any other company out

there for the saab community."

-byastremski Rochester, NY      

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"The clips don't give it justice, its about the deepest/throaty 4-cylinder I've heard" 

-JGrunwald Huntington Beach, CA

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Additional views (plus a few outtakes) of Krona Performance product development testing and manufacturing can be seen here.