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This is a custom hose developed with Nordic Tuning!

The hose fits the air mass meter instead of the OEM air box. The hose then goes thru the hole behind rear headlight to the space behind the bumper/right fog light. In that position you install a open air filter, the hose inner diameter towards the filter are 80mm. This is the best way to get cold air to the engine. Have in mind that this position may require shorter periods between cleaning of the filter and also make sure to install a water splash guard in fron of the filter.

Hose inner diameter towards air filter are 80mm
Air filter size should not be bigger than: 180mm, 160mm (Length, Diameter)

Matching air filter:

ITG Luftfilter 80mm

SAAB 9-3 T7 00-03 Air filter relocation hose


If you are placing an order outside of the United States, please contact us before completing your order.

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