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Connections: 25mm inlet and outlet

Vacuum hose connection: 5mm

Color: Black anodised finish for those who prefer keep things a little more clandestine.

VTA or Risurculation: 100% resurculation only.


  • Advanced TMS benefits
  • Spring pre-load adjustment for max. response
  • CNC billet aluminium and brass construction, Australian made
  • Anodised finish for long lasting performance and looks
  • Vacuum nipple can be rotated to 4 positions
  • Will hold for unlimited boost!
  • Built to last
  • No need for a "re-build" kit

Best choice for:

  • Designed to replace the stock Bosch diverter valve on applications like Audi, Ford, SAAB, VW but with the TMS advantage.
Parts included:
  • dv+ Diverter valve
  • Fitting instructions with detailed instructions for how you set the spring pre-load.

Whats does TMS mean?

What�s TMS? GFB�s Turbo Management System is the term we apply to our diverter