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This head stud kit is Ricky Bobby approved and includes 10 studs, 10 bolts and 10 of the proper washers for Saab Bxxx fitment. A direct replacement for not only stock engines with high milege or failing stock head bolts or also great for high boost or performance applications. We have seen stock bolts stretch over periods of time when running higher than normal boost levels. Rest assured this modification will keep everything where it needs to be!  


ARP has developed an innovative multi-purposes accessory stud that can be used for exhaust systems, intake manifold and a host of other uses. The studs are manufactured from a proprietary alloy developed by ARP (Stainless 300) and are impervious to the rust and corrosion that plagues ordinary fasteners. This stainless steel alloy is nominally rated at 170,000 psi tensile strength, which is substantially stronger than Grade 8 hardware. Ideally suited for installing exhaust headers, the 8mm studs have a unique "nut starter" nose and a hex-broached tip - which allows the studs to easily be installed using an Allen wrench. The studs come with "easy wrenching" 12-point nuts, which work great in the tightest of quarters. Flat washers are also included. 

ARP Head Stud Kit


If you are placing an order outside of the United States, please contact us before completing your order.

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