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Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girl, dogs and cats, please allow us to introduce to you something we have been working on for a very long time. We are pleased to introduce to you our Krona exclusive 9-5 Full Send 660 Big turbo kit; the first ever turn key BIG turbo kit released on the Saab Market! This kit includes everything you need to bolt on the capability of 660 Horsepower for your Saab 9-5. This kit has proven to not only produce all the horsies you need to keep changing your underwear but also the reliability to drive the car across country (yes, really!) and to have a stock feeling and driving car when you don’t want to take a Dodge Viper to Gapplebee’s.


We built this kit around the newly released high performance Garret Ball bearing Turbo, the G30 660. With compressor maps and capabilities above and beyond the comparable GT 30 and GT 28 versions it was an easy choice. Bolt this kit to your built motor and let’errr rip! 

**A motor with forged pistons, an upgraded intercooler and some other supporting modifications are required to support the power this kit will produce.**


Our kit includes the following items allowing you to take all the guess work out of fitment and horsepower for your Saab 9-5. Want to keep your power steering? Want to keep your air conditioning? No problem! After hundreds of hours of design and fabrication work, we are proud to release the best of the best to this chassis and the brand we all love S A A B.


*Garret G30 660 ball bearing turbocharger

* Ram horn style Krona exhaust manifold with 2” runners back purged and fully tig welded w/external wastegate flange and V band downpipe flange w/ Krona polished logo. 4-1 collector cut and made in house.

*Cylinder head to exhaust manifold mounting hardware (7 studs and 7 locking nuts).

*3” Krona Performance Stainless steel Tig welded and back purged top mount downpipe w/2 primary 02 bungs and v-band lower connection for ease of installation(including 2 v-band clamps).

*3” Krona Performance midpipe fully tig welded and back purged with v band connection and high performance stainless steel flex and rear 02 sensor bung. Compatible with light modifications to both versions of our turbo back systems.

*Tial 38mm MV-S wastegate with multi pack of springs for tuning/desired boost settings.

*Made in house Krona Exclusive 304 Stainless steel back purged and tig welded wastegate vent to atmosphere dump tube.

*Made in house Krona exclusive braided turbo oil return and supply lines with custom machined -10AN block adapter for proper 235X oil return.

*Made in house Krona exclusive -6AN braided water feed and return lines w/banjo fittings and proper adapters to maintain throttle body coolant circulation.

*Krona exclusive radiator fan shroud (powder coated black) with 14” high performance fan for proper cooling and turbo clearance (fits both stock and do88 radiators).

*Krona exclusive Diverter valve aluminum rerouting piping (powder coated black) and silicone connectors.

*Krona exclusive aluminum cold side piping to adapt Garrett turbo to Saab FMIC location, powder coated black.

*Krona exclusive Aluminum charge pipe powder coated black with DV recirc port for proper air return (no check engine light for false MAF readings) and required silicone couplers.

*Vibrant oil return port for turbo/w mounting hardware.

*All nuts, bolts, washers, worm gear clamps, v band clamps to install on your Saab 9-5!

***Header heat wrap and turbo blanket also included as an option/extra****

***Injector Dynamic 1040cc injectors with wiring harness adapters also included as an option/extra***

***Tuning available exclusively by***


Special thanks for Vagwerks performance and coating in Martinsburg WV, Swedish Performance and Parts in Wendell NC, and Shane Mulcahy, Jonathan Pavtis and Frank Bialy for their bravery and trust in providing us vehicles and the opportunity to not only design but test and build this amazing product.



1999-2009 Saab 9-5 Full Send 660 Big turbo kit (get some)


If you are placing an order outside of the United States, please contact us before completing your order.

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